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new projects before photos

these are before photos of a some of our new projects

traditional home is in dallas. the interiors are over ten years old, thus now due for an update, not a complete remodel, but more of a re-interpretation to reflect the way the owners live now.

cool cottage is in laguna beach. built in the 1960s, the client wants to preserve the beachy feel, while bringing in more of that mid-century vibe. some of the existing elements just scream groovy, like the freestanding fireplace. this lady just has impeccable taste!

veranda is at a ranch in east texas. it is actually not a new, new project. the client and i had just finished installing all new furniture, when a tornado swept through the area and destroyed the patio. fortunately, nobody was hurt. however, now we get to do it all over again. a photo of the damages is coming soon.