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Alfredo Designs is the rebirth of Atelier KF Interior Design, which was founded in 2003 by Alfredo Llamedo-Sierra, Interior Environment Craftsman. It was a natural progression of his career as an interior designer to express his ideas about design and decoration as a way of living with style. Being raised in Mexico, he acquired an appreciation for bold color combinations and a love for historical architecture, which his studies in Art History at the University of Southern California (USC) solidified. His guiding principle as an artist is balance; he strives to balance scale, color, texture, and styles, creating interiors that are uniquely tailored to their inhabitants.


Alfredo believes in the preservation and fostering of the decorative arts, rescuing ancient techniques, which by their own rarity seem novel again. The hand-made quality of his designs humanizes any space, as opulent as it may be.


The designer's professional experience, coupled with his own personal interests in history and antiques, makes him the ideal designer for discriminating clients who are secure in their own tastes, while being receptive to new ideas.